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About Me

Experience Counts!

From my beginnings as a promising young distance runner to eventually competing in 3 Olympic Games, there's not much I haven't experienced when it come to endurance running since I first started running 35 years ago. Although most well known for my two 4th place finishes in 2 successive Olympic marathons, my background lies in track racing where I once set a UK 10000m record of 27:18, and also at cross country racing where I was amongst the world's leading exponents. I began coaching formally in 2008 but my mentoring of other athletes stretches back long before this. Since I began coaching I have worked with runners of all abilities and ages, racing distances from 5km to 100 mile ultra's. More recently I have worked with Olympic level triathletes for the Canadian and New Zealand national teams.


Our understanding of training through science and practical experience continually evolves, but I believe the fundamental principles of endurance training have remained consistent over the years. Knowing how to correctly balance training load with recovery still remains the key method to engineer sustainable progression of fitness. My experience has been that training needs to evolve at a very individual pace and therefore the 'one size fit's all' programs are never optimal. Building a collaborative relationship with the athlete is the best method to achieve training load accuracy and create conditions for athlete education and independence.

Development Opportunities

When I first began Run By Common Sense in 2008 a key goal for me was to give opportunity and direction to young endurance talent in Canada; I still believe there is great need for this approach. I encourage young athletes who aspire to achieve their true potential to contact me so we can discuss the best way forward for them either through on hands coaching locally or online at a subsidised rate.

Coaching Fees

Best Practice

Don't Fall Apart

For progression to happen athletes need to be happy and healthy. Establishing sound habits in self-maintance and routine are crucial to remain in one piece

Balancing Act

The biggest issue many people face when trying to stick to a training program is balancing their other commitments around their training program. Work and family are the rocks that training needs to be built around in a way that is both realistic and productive.

Know Your Self

My goal as a coach is essentially to enable you to be confident enough to eventually go it alone and determine your own training direction. The training process can seem more complicated than it actually is, but with repetition and familiarity you will get to know yourself best.

Racing Plans

Having purpose is crucial for motivation and racing provides this. Whether the goal is a time or a finishing position knowing clearly what this performance requires is half the battle.  Specific training is knowing with accuracy what you are trying to achieve in a race.

Share the big news

An athlete's primary monitoring equipment is their brain, but using an electronic device to record for validation and post training examination is an excellent way to monitor and learn more about yourself. We are out own living science experiments and quantification is part of this process.


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